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Cuenca Ecuador and the Things We Love about it

Cuenca Ecuador is a bustling city rich in culture. Many expats have called this place home because it offers comfort and amenities that can be enjoyed at low cost, as well as cultural sites that will surely tickle your fancy. There’s a local market where you can find fresh ingredients for Ecuadorian dishes like the…

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The Climates Of South America

The continent of South America is a very extensive continent in the North-South direction. Its northern most part the Gulf of Venezuela is at about 10 degrees north while the southern most tip Cape Horn is almost at about 55 degrees south of equator. As we know that chief factor affecting the climate of a…

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Machu Picchu Information – The Inca Trail

Have you gathered enough Machu Picchu Information before actually visiting the renowned Peruvian region? Lost Inca cities, the amazing Andes, the excitement of visiting the lost cities and the Incas trail. Traveling to Peru is an unforgettable experience, full of amazing sights and sites to visit. The Inca trail to Machu Picchu is an amazing…

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