Cuenca Ecuador and the Things We Love about it

Cuenca Ecuador is a bustling city rich in culture. Many expats have called this place home because it offers comfort and amenities that can be enjoyed at low cost, as well as cultural sites that will surely tickle your fancy. There’s a local market where you can find fresh ingredients for Ecuadorian dishes like the ceviche and fanesca. There are also plenty of local hangouts favored by the expats, as well as a nightlife that suits those who enjoy dancing and socializing with the locals. There are plenty of things to do in Cuenca Ecuador; a tour of this place is highly recommended for people who love to travel and those who are considering an Ecuador retirement

The Weather in Cuenca Ecuador is Comfortable

The place is located in one of Ecuador’s mountain highlands; hence, a subtropical climate can be enjoyed in Cuenca. Many expats from Europe and America retire in Cuenca Ecuador because it doesn’t snow in this place. A comfortably warm climate is experienced during the day and a cool climate at night. Nighttimes in Cuenca are cozy and cool enough for you to wear a sweater. The weather is generally wet and dry with summer months from June to December. Rainy days are characterized by bright sunny mornings and rainfall in the afternoons. As a whole, the comfortable weather in this place is one of the reasons why many expats have chosen to retire in Cuenca Ecuador.

Cuenca Ecuador Offers Many Beautiful Attractions

Cuenca is known as a UNESCO World Heritage city because of its many historical buildings and cultural destinations. The city offers amazing edifices like the Iglesia de El Sagrario and the Catedral Metropolitana de la Inmaculada Concepcion among others. These are both churches with great historical value. There’s also Jima, a place for outdoor enthusiasts where one can take hiking trips from the peak of the Andes Mountains to the Amazon’s tropical rainforest. There’s also El Cajas, a beautiful place where one can relax while taking in the spectacular view of the mountains, rivers, and streams. Cuenca Ecuador offers diverse attractions for the young and old, blending its rich culture and natural beauty, to offer retirees a great place to unwind after a hard day’s work.

Cuenca Ecuador is a Place Where Quality Living can be Experienced

Living in American and Europe is great, but staying afloat financially can be quite a challenge. Cuenca Ecuador, therefore, offers a place where expats can enjoy quality living at a low price. The prices for basic necessities are much lower in Cuenca than in the US, allowing Americans to live a fulfilling, comfortable, and enjoyable life with some luxuries on the side. It is easy to find a living space in Cuenca that’s suitable for a large family, at an inexpensive price. Cuenca is a metropolitan city where quality living can be achieved inexpensively.

Discover Cuenca Ecuador through your own eyes! Experience its rich culture and amazing heritage, taste its delectable cuisines, and enjoy the modern amenities it provides. Find out why many expats retire to Cuenca Ecuador. This can be the start of an amazing journey that can let you live the life of your dreams!

Jackie Lange is an American who is now semi retired in Latin America. Find out what Jackie has discovered about Cuenca Ecuador by joining the Ecuador Relocation Tours. These tours are designed for relocation and retirement planning to Ecuador, where participants get a boots on the ground experience of the Ecuadorian way of life.

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