Trekking the Inca Trail – Adventure at Its Best

If you are looking for an adventure tour to Machu Picchu, then the Incan Trail should be at the top of your list. Sleeping for innumerable nights under the crispy Andean night has a special charm for the many tourists who prefer to traverse Inca’s lovely paths.

This adventure trip begins by first arriving in the city of Cuzco. Spend a day or two here and check the regional sights such as the imaginative district or the San Blas locality.

Once you’ve spent the essential time in Cuzco acclimatizing to the altitude, you can eventually move on to start the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. It will be very fascinating experience because you learn the local culture and the Incan culture, as well as the cultures of the people from all over the world who will be joining you on your trek.

The path of the Inca is one of modest obscurity, making it accessible to nearly anybody eager to camp out in the Andes. For those who are keen to indulge themselves in the wilderness of the Andes, the five-day trek is the one for them. For tourists who wish to “rough it” but not too much, the three-day trail is ideal for them. Whichever trip you book, the result is the same, only diverse in durations of time. In the unbelievable highland landscapes you’ll face, it looks like a completely different world. Just ensure you have your camera charged completely because you’ll be taking pictures throughout the whole trek. The highland flora and fauna are exceptional and will draw your attention. You’ll also witness the llama and alpaca herders along the way with their herds.

The trail is incredible; there is no doubt about the extravagant sights you’ll see while following the footsteps of the Incans. However, the reward is at the end of the trail. As soon as you arrive at Machu Picchu you feel as though you´ve been taken back thousands of years. The renovations accomplished are on point so as to make it available for travelers but not to the level that makes it look as if it was enforced.

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