The Amazing Variety of Wildlife of Peru

For many people, Peru’s biodiversity is a huge draw. From the Andes mountains to the Amazon Rainforest to the Pacific Ocean, this relatively small country encompasses a tremendous diversity of ecosystems and animal life. While you learn Spanish in Peru, be sure to get out into the wilderness and appreciate the natural beauty of this…

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Purple Acai Juice

Purple magic berries driving the world crazy with hopes and expectations of health wealth and wisdom. The internet provides both a wonderful and terrible window to the world. Access to once mysterious secrets of health buried deep in savage jungles driven by tribal folklore now become unveiled and introduced to the world. Brazilian Acai juice…

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Luxurious Alpaca Clothing: Know the Facts

Alpaca is a variety of the Camelid species and very close to Llamas. It is confined mostly to the Andes Mountains in Peru, South America. They live only in that specific climatic condition making them exotic. For thousands of years, they are highly valued for their unique and superior quality wool and have been sold…

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