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Trekking the Inca Trail – Adventure at Its Best

If you are looking for an adventure tour to Machu Picchu, then the Incan Trail should be at the top of your list. Sleeping for innumerable nights under the crispy Andean night has a special charm for the many tourists who prefer to traverse Inca’s lovely paths. This adventure trip begins by first arriving in…

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Trekking Adventure in Ecuador

Renowned for its own avenue, Ecuador can be expressed with a twist of its own. The magnificent boulevard at one side and the incredible volcanoes in other side, it offers a delightful mixture of nature’s unspoiled exquisiteness. Talking regarding the royal central uplands, you’d be pleased to discover that it’s being named after a famous…

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Trekking the Spectacular Sights of Patagonia

This mountainous and beautiful Patagonian region of South America is rarely featured in holiday programs. The sights of the southern Andes and surrounding area are spectacular and mostly untraveled with some parts still to be fully explored. The towering mountains of the Torres Del Paine in Chile typify the grandeur of this astonishing place. Consistently…

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